Diagnostic Support Armchair

Diagnostic Support Armchair


StreamVision is specialized in the design and implementation of a quick medical diagnosis system enabling detection of patient's condition and medical analysis via sensors.  StreamVision has thus designed an e-health mobile station, called Check@Flash, so as to perform an instant and comprehensive check-up of the patient.

The advantage of this mobile station is to create a medical record, essential to therapists in order to react and prevent or comfort the worried patient. This information is sent, in real time, to the nearest medical centre, which in case of an emergency will be able to react promptly.

The product  performs an instant basic checkup in less than 5 minutes. The check-up consists of an ECG, spirometry, blood pressure, temperature, weight and blood oxygen measurement. Additionally memory, visual, audiometric and other exams can be performed on therapist's discretion.

This very short video will illustrate the easiness and convenience of such a support to diagnostic e-chair:



The market opportunities are all the places where a mobile medical station needs to be installed, such

  • In public places (hospital, retired pension, clinic, pharmacy, sport centers…)
  • Tourists' destinations (hotels, Clubs, Planes, Cruise boats…)
  • In big companies
  • Rural areas with poor medical facilities

The medical chair can be used without any medical assistance. Check@Flash includes a voice and webcam guidance helping the system to enable patients to use the armchair on their own. The results are stored in a USB flash disk along with some personal data such as a photograph, name and address as well as patient's medical record.

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