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SMART BEAR project, the inclusion phase begins!


SMART BEAR project, the inclusion phase begins!


SmartBear is a European research project aimed at supporting the autonomy of seniors through the use of connected devices, whose anonymized data is transmitted to an observational platform. Experimented in five European pilot countries, including France, the search phase for candidates, aged 65 to 80 and presenting at least two of the pathologies monitored by the SmartBear project, has begun.



To do this, on March 15 and 16, the CATEL association (e-health community incubator) and the company STREAMVISION (French technical partner of the SmartBear project) welcomed interested seniors to the Forum des Seniors Bretagne (Brittany Seniors Forum) in Rennes. The objective was to encourage them to contact the project's partner clinical center to test their eligibility for the project.

If they are eligible, they will receive a free kit of connected medical devices adapted to their pathology (thermometer, oximeter, smartphone, connected watch, scale, blood pressure monitor, etc. as well as some home automation equipment) which they will test for several months. Following this experiment, they will keep the medical devices. 800 senior volunteers are being sought for this observational study.

In addition to the stand, Maxime Beuzelin made two presentations on the SmartBear project.


Find out more about the SmartBear project, click ici

French website of SmartBear Project: click ici

European website of SmartBear Project : click ici




STREAMVISION, a key e-learning player in Algeria

STREAMVISION, a key e-learning player in Algeria

Keynote by Dr. Mohammed Rebiaï, President of STREAMVISION during the first International Conference on: “State of the art of content production tools and e-learning platforms” in Algiers, September 25, 2023.

Over the past decade, major progress has been made to improve access to education and increase school enrollment rates at all levels. However, according to the United Nations, more than 260 million children and adolescents were out of school in 2018[1]— almost a fifth of the world's population in this age group. And COVID-19 has significantly deteriorated this situation. Never in history have so many children been out of school at the same time. However, education remains essential to any civilization because it ensures the foundations of life in society and offers the keys to progress beneficial to all.

Quality education is essential to break the cycle of poverty and reduce inequalities. But what can you do when you live far from an educational establishment and access to secondary and higher education is very restrictive?

In this regard, the National Institute of Research in Education of Algeria organized on September 25, 2023 the first international forum on: “Content production tools and e-learning platforms through previous studies” in the framework of the UNESCO-INRE Project "Containment and its Impacts on Teaching in Education in Algeria: The Needs for a National Platform of Educational Resources for Sustainable Development", under the supervision of Mrs. Radia BERNAOUI, Director of INRE, in the presence of Ms. BOUHARA Nadia, UNESCO Relations Officer at the Algerian National Commission.



During this day, several scientific interventions, chaired by Dr. Seffadj Zine Eddine, took place and in particular, that of Dr Mohammed REBIAÏ, Phd in mathematics and signal processing and President of STREAMVISION. Dr. REBIAÏ presented the concept of educational platforms, their architectures, their operations and the countless possibilities offered by these solutions. One of them is a solution called ATechWin, designed to adapt to the learner's level, their learning time possibilities, and their pace while remaining simple and user-friendly. E-VOD is notably one of its main components in order to allow learning according to your schedule and level. All of the courses are designed in the form of videos, classified by levels, disciplines and languages ​​so that the learner can easily find the course of their choice. He/She can play the video as long and as often as desired in order to fully integrate its content. Thanks to their membership to the platform, the learner can ask their questions to the teacher who designed their video course. More information on the ATechWin solution will be given in another press release.


[1] http://uis.unesco.org/fr/topic/children-and-youth-out-of-school


Les Serpolets: First Ehpad in Occitanie 2023

Les Serpolets: First Ehpad in Occitanie 2023

StreamVision is proud to announce that the Les Serpolets nursing home, a place where the Check@Flash diagnostic assistance chair is being tested, has been classified as “Premier Ehpad d’Occitanie 2023” by the Obs magazine ranking.

Out of 10,000 retirement homes interviewed, 300 were selected for the ranking and the “Les Serpolets” nursing home came in first place in the Occitanie region and sixth place at the national level, which is particularly remarkable.

Click on this link to find out more about the L’Obs evaluation method (in French).



Telemedicine, a new way of caring for patients in a context of medical desertification

La télémédecine, une nouvelle façon de soigner les patients dans un contexte de désertification médicale


StreamVision is pleased to announce that Dr. Mohammed REBIAÏ, StreamVision's president, spoke about telemedecine in the "Smart Villages 2022 Congress" on 22nd October 2022 in Alicante, Spain.

This 3 days congress was addressing the models linked to the use of ITC in rural Mediterranean environments and took place in Alicante, Valencia and Castellón.

This initiative was coordinated by the El Olmo Foundation, a non-profit organization created to improve the living conditions of rural populations, and the Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation (FACM), a network that promotes dialogue, proposals and citizen action.

See more on Smart Villages 2022 website: smartvillages2022.es

Video intervention (28:39:00): 22_10_2022 Congreso Smart Villages. Sede Alicante - YouTube


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