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Program: FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IAPP

Title: KINOPTIM - An ICT solution for the implementation of an innovating fall prevention and holistic management service for the elderly community

Project duration: 36 months

Project Summary: The objective of KINOPTIM is to develop an infrastructure for the implementation of a comprehensive and holistic management service for preventing falls by means of innovative usage of technologies. Thereby, it will rely on ICT and virtual reality gaming, will address older people living in the community, will assess the locomotion behaviour of the elderly at distance (tele-monitoring) and will prevent falls by encouraging the elderly to regularly practice (small) physical training exercises (telerehabilitation).
It promises to redefine fall prevention by motivating people to exercise more, in a friendly manner and with a tele-supervision when necessary. To this end, a dedicated programme of service process innovation complemented by adapting existing technology will be pursued, thereby following an iterative and needs-driven approach, which has proved highly effective and efficient in comparable service development context. The main foreseen qualities of KINOPTIM will be its affordability both in term of cost and human factors as well as its accuracy to assess indicators of fall risk level both for diagnosis and rehabilitation/training strategy orientation. The KINOPTIM platform and service intend to implement a life-course approach in order to help people adopt healthier behaviour earlier in life and adapt to age-associated changes.
In other words, as an ICT-based holistic infrastructure implemented in the elderly home setting, KINOPTIM is intended to:

  • Assess the fall risk level focusing mainly on the intrinsic factors related to fall.
  • Prevent falls through friendly exercising and gaming interventions according to the fall risk level while following a life course perspective.
  • Follow over time the physical status of the person in order to readapt the KINOPTIM D5.1 9 prevention program.
  • Support all concerned stakeholders facing fall risks and falls through e-learning access.

Support all concerned stakeholders facing fall risks and falls through e-learning access. It will be based on a centralized service-oriented infrastructure including:

  • A tele-monitoring system.
  • A tele-rehabilitation system.
  • A Medical Business Intelligent system (MBIs) as central node point.



‧ National Technical University of Athens
‧ Singularlogic
‧ StreamVision France
‧ Prisme Institute
‧ Universitat de Barcelona
‧ Brainstorm

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