European project: Prophetic

European project: Prophetic




The overall goal of the PROPHETIC project is to exploit modern smart miniaturized systems and advanced information systems towards the development of an infrastructure facilitating the management of the disease by:

  • remotely and continuously monitoring the PD patients in a non invasive manner
  • sharing data flow related to the management plan within a well organized network of carers
  • supporting healthcare providers diagnosis by an advanced processing of multi-parametric and relevant information compared to PD
  • displaying friendly exercising and gaming interventions (VR gaming) according to the level of motor and speech impairment as well as for enhancing compliance with medication
  • following over time the status of the person in order to adapt the physical and/or speech therapies as well as the medication program and avoid risks and side effects
  • supporting all concerned stakeholders facing the PD through e-learning access

In particular, the PROPHETIC system will make use of wearable electronics (suite and cap) capable of performing regular measurements of neural, physiological, and biomechanical parameters and communicating them after pre-processing (pre-processing system) in a secure manner to a Medical Business Intelligence System (MBI system)




Prophetic consortium

All partners participating in PROPHETIC project ensures complementarity and aptitude to guarantee the success of the project:


Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), Greece



StreamVision SAS, France



Prisme Institute, France



Technological Institute for children products and leisure, Spain



Brainstorm Multimedia, Spain





12 rue Pajol
75018 Paris (France)


+33 1 42 81 04 16


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