The residence Les Serpolets

The residence les serpolets sets up its residents in "an armchair"

Patient fauteuil serpolets

The Les Serpolets nursing home will experiment Check@flash, a connected armchair allowing nursing staff to quickly and easily carry out a health check-up for residents and, from the data collected, to request a remote medical diagnosis.

Like many nursing homes, the residence Les Serpolets is now faced with transfers of sometimes very fragile residents to the emergency services, for lack of being able to provide an immediate medical diagnosis on site. This constraint is, for the residents, a source of physical and psychological destabilization; in addition, the transfers result in many cases in a return to the Residence without hospitalization.

Based on this observation, the Les Serpolets nursing home approached StreamVision. The quality of care to be provided to residents requires regular medical monitoring and diagnostic aid equipment adapted to their motor and / and psychological fragility. Thanks to this innovative equipment, it is now possible for the establishment's medical team to quickly remove any doubt about a resident's state of health; thanks to the collection of numerous data and the simultaneous shipment of these results to the doctor, it is possible to assess the seriousness of his condition and the degree of urgency of an intervention.

The Serpolets team has started to familiarize itself with the use of this 'connected chair', and it can already see all the advantages of such an equipment.

Indeed, about sixty pathologies are likely to be detected in a few minutes thanks to a battery of non-invasive and high-performance sensors, such as a 6-lead electrocardiogram for instance; Check@flash is a real mobile station for collecting health data, which can be transmitted in real time, and via the (secure) web to the attending physician while remaining stored in the resident's care file, within the hospital or senior home.

The ergonomics of the e-chair are extremely optimized and do not require assistance or specific training in handling; Equipped with casters and convertible into a stretcher position, the chair can be moved to the resident's bed, allowing it to be used by people with reduced mobility.

Its use has already made it possible to observe an inevitable reduction in stress for residents of whom we know that any change of location can involve risky reactions. On the other hand, this new equipment helps to fight against the saturation of emergency services caused by sometimes unnecessary demands on its staff.

In addition, the primary objective of this partnership, during this testing period, is to collect all the information in order to improve its performance. Second, it will make it possible to assess the human, economic and technological impact that such equipment can bring to a nursing home for a specific and targeted population.

But its use will also make it possible to accompany the residents of the Residence club LA SERENISSIME which will open its doors very soon. This 3rd generation Residence counts 13 apartments, which will receive people who wish to benefit from services aimed at making their daily lives easier, but also supporting them in preventing their autonomy (the AGORA CENTER center and the Check@flash armchair help meet these wishes).

AGORA CENTER: A genuine local resource center bringing together in a unique and innovative platform non-drug therapeutic practices of holistic and psycho-social support, for all categories of people who wish to find their '' Well-Being '' from individualized and synchronic programs.


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